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About Us

We are a small yet highly dedicated team with a lifetime of experience in cycling, media, and an unprecedented passion at making the right mark where it matters most. We believe there are millions of people out there with a hidden cyclist inside them. Our goal is to help them find it…

What We Do

We produce beautifully crafted content for cycling brands, create unique cycling challenges to engage with consumers, develop products, educate audiences and most of all inspire riders to do more of what they love.

We represent for some of the biggest cycling brands in the world such as Cannondale, acting as a global ambassador and producing video content to bring their technical products and professional athletes to life, with the French firm Mavic whereby Mike undertook a pioneering 1000km ride across the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps and, most recently, with the creation of a new online resource called The Col Collective that’s dedicated to helping inspire and educate cyclists to reach the summit of the greatest mountain passes in the world.

We also create editorial features for cycling and fitness publications from all over the globe and take an active role in social media engagements on behalf of our clients.

With long-term relationships and an extensive network of global contacts we are connected to the most creative minds to deliver you the best possible results with experience, authenticity and integrity.


    • We are experts in creating and sharing stories that connect to your consumers in a deep and memorable way

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    • Cutting edge film making
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    • Social media management
    • Brand and product tracking
    • Direct consumer interaction

    Social Media

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The Team


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Global Media Publications

At Media-24 we create and provide captivating content for publications and online media outlets from all over the world including:


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Client Testimonials

  • “Media-24 are marketing pioneers in their unique ability to captivate, engage, listen and communicate directly with consumers worldwide, bringing them closer to our brand in print, online, video and through social media” François-Xavier Blanc – Global Head of the Brand

    Brand Ambassador | Videography | Photography | Global Editorial | Social Media Engagement | Product Development
  • “Working with the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, Media-24 have consistently blown all of our creative expectations out of the water time and time again, generating millions of views and a significant increase in brand exposure. Their resourcefulness, global contacts, implicit understanding of our needs and passion is completely unmatched” Brian Immel – Director of Global Marketing

    Videography | Photography | Brand Ambassador | Global Editorial | Social Media Engagement
  • “In a fast moving world you absolutely need fast moving social media from a source that delivers. Media-24 is that agency and Mike Cotty the man with the delivery” Rory Hitchens – Marketing Manager

    Brand Ambassador | Global Editorial | Product Development | Social Media Engagement
  • “Mike Cotty has made it his life’s work to educate, inspire and connect with consumers in a truly genuine and authentic way. As a brand ambassador the media coverage that Mike and his team generates is nothing short of astounding” John Cookson – Marketing Manager

    Brand Ambassador | Photography | Global Editorial | Social Media Engagement | Product Development
  • “Quality, attention to detail and communication are all things that we, as a company and a brand, hold in very high regard. Mike and his team at Media-24 have these attributes in abundance and use them in all they do to perfection” Anthony Roland – Performance Director

    Brand Ambassador | Videography | Photography | Global Editorial | Social Media Engagement
  • “Once in a generation someone or something comes along that takes creativity, media and quality to a whole new level. Mike Cotty is the one and Media-24 the thing” David McQuillen – Founder of The Sufferfest

    Brand Ambassador | Videography | Photography | Editorial | Social Media Engagement | Product Development
  • “From concept to final creative Media-24 deliver world-class content to inspire and educate our customers, often in a way we’d never even thought of. Their authenticity, experience and professionalism make them an absolute joy to work with” Daniel Loots – Marketing Manager

    Videography | Photography
  • “As far as ambassadors go, Mike Cotty is a leading example. Not only for Scicon but for our whole sport” Christian Pearce – Sales and Marketing Manager

    Brand Ambassador | Social Media Engagement | Product Development